About Our Revolution



I’m Ilona & we’re AmbiDress. We're not just a business, this is a crusade, a campaign. Our Ilona at a photo shootsizing revolution! Join us & wear clothes that fit YOU! Ambi Dresses are for people who buy different size tops and bottoms, combing two sizes into one dress. Know the feeling? Then our dresses are for you! Today, our sizes are bigger on the bottom. But that’s not enough. Right now we're campaigning to launch sizes the other way round, with sizes bigger on top.


We design two sizes into one garment to fit your top and your bottom sizes. Research shows that 65-70% of women are either a bigger size on their top or a bigger size on their bottom but manufactures don't take this into account. I don't think this makes sense and if you've ever been in a changing room trying on your dream dress and it's the perfect fit in one place but totally wrong in another, I know you don't either. 

So let’s tear up sizing templates, lets campaign for real sizes, and lets build a brand where sizes make sense for us.  

You shouldn't fit dresses, they should fit you!


We Aimed To Start A Revolution & People Are Listening.

Here's Some Of Our Press.

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