Fed Up Of High Street Sizes That Don't Work?

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Do You Always Buy A Bigger Skirt?


Do You Always Buy A Bigger Top?


AmbiDress is about changing a sizing system that doesn't make sense and doesn't cater for real body shapes! These are our current sizes:

Top 6 with skirt 8 | Top 8 with skirt 10 | Top 10 with skirt 12 | Top 12 with skirt 14 | Top 14 with skirt 16 | Top 16 with skirt 18

And our new sizes can be pre-ordered now with 25% off:

Top 8 with skirt 6 | Top 10 with skirt 8 | Top 12 with skirt 10 | Top 14 with skirt 12 | Top 16 with skirt 14| Top 18 with skirt 16

'I created Ambi because I wanted to trigger a revolution in sizing. Dresses don't fit me because I'm not one size all over and nor are most of the people I know. Join us and let's change fashion together!'

Ilona Cash - Ambi founder and Creative Director - To see more about Ambi and Ilona's story click here or scroll down to buy your dress today.